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From Riveting Screenplays to Blockbuster Sci-Fi Films




In  the year 2170  earth  must  battle an alien invasion on Saturn's largest moon Titan. A  screenplay  sci-fi  enthusiast will love to read and  see  produced into a feature length motion picture. To  read and learn more about Titan2170 , contact Turner Media Entertainment on  our  contact page. We at Turner Media Entertainment look forward to hearing from you.


A man with everything and nothing to lose.  A mystery  for the police to solve.


Year: 2170 Earth must battle an alien race for it's freedom in space on Saturn's largest moon Titan.

TITAN2170 II​​

​In a battle with an alien ship, United Military Space Agency spaceship Trident crashes on Titan. It's a life or death battle for survival till a rescue ship arrives.

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